Watching quality grow

Extraordinary topiaries, imposing avenue trees, impressive solitaries, evergreen hedges, magnificent rhododendrons and colourful potted plants. The hundred-plus hectares (around 250 acres) of our family-run nursery are designed to meet your growing requirements in terms of greenery. And, best of all, as a full-range supplier of more than five decades' standing, we deliver our top-class products to all manner of regular customers – from the gardening and landscaping sector to municipal parks departments and local authorities.


Da muss alles ganz genau


It all comes down to reliability. Especially with plants. You know this, and so do we. That’s why we offer you more than just partial solutions. We guarantee you the very best Neumann quality, from initial contact and personal advice right up to final delivery. This applies to quantities both large and small, and even more to individual and particularly challenging projects. We dedicate our experience, commitment and passion to lending a helping hand to your growing long-term success.

Avenue Trees

Acer, Aesculus, Alnus, Amelanchier, Betula, Carpinus, Castanea, Catalpa, Corylus, Crataegus, Fagus, Fraxinus, Gleditsia...


Acer, Amelanchier, Betula, Cornus, Corylus, Ginkgo, Gleditsia, Fargesia, Magnolia, Quercus, Prunus...


Carpinus-Dachform, Cornus-Schirmform, Crataegus-Schirmform, Liquidambar-Spalier, Prunus lusitanica-Heckenelement...


Abies, Cedrus, Chamaecyparis, Cypressus, Ginkgo, Juniperus, Larix, Picea, Pinus, Taxus, Thuja, Tsuga...

Potted Plants

Acer palmatum, Buddleia davidii, Fargesia, Hydrangea macrophylla, Juniperus, Kolkwitzia, Photinia, Physocarpus...

New Product Range

Gleditsia-Schirmform, Liquidambar-Säule, Osmanthus-Kugeln, Parrotia-Schirmform, Platanen-Mehrstämmer, Thuja-Toskana...


Neumann is thriving in Berlin, right next to the new railway station and on the Potsdamer Platz. Neumann is greening up...

With that extra personal touch

Getting to know the customer is a natural part of what we do, while providing a firm basis for long-term commercial relationships, exciting projects and other successful ventures.

Personal contacts, short communication routes and open dialogue are important to us – whether on your premises, at trade events or at our base in the German town of Bad-Zwischenahn. You can take us at our word. We are always pleased to see you, hear from you and – of course – receive your orders!

Judith & Jörg Neumann and their team: Fon: +49 (0) 4403 / 93 20 - 0

Picture library

Additional service for your green: You are looking for a certain plant? Or are just looking for inspiration for your new project? Then just take a look around. You can also use our picture library as an advice tool for customer meetings. 

The catalogue

Inspiring, informing and particularly easy to use. Please scroll through our wide range of plants. Helpful informations, great pictures and our care for details, will convince you from the start. Explore our colourful and varied world of plants with growing enthusiasm.


Portfolios, offers, news and innovations: find valuable, useful information, as well as presentation materials ideal for costumer meetings and for more success.


From initial contact onwards, you can rely on our impeccable service. We provide you with your own contact person, who works closely with you and at all times and endeavours to know ...